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Red Carpet Breakthrough
  • interesting enough
  • attractive enough
  • magnetic enough
  • charismatic enough
  • skilled enough

Do you:

  • Dream of being a major center of influence?
  • Share your message to your community, nationally or worldwide?
  • Aspire to be well known and recognized in the world?
  • Envision yourself in front of a large audience, in front of the camera or on the radio?
  • Know that your purpose is to make a large impact on the world?

But you're afraid:

  • You're not smart enough

  • What people will think you you
  • becoming inauthentic
  • you will compromise your values
  • you'll never break through

And this list goes on! But it's time to kick those fears to the curb and claim your NOW and build the future you've always dreamed!

Cameron is acutely aware of the drives and ambitions of the "Inner Celebrity". Cameron has appeared in a number of commercials, spoken publicly in from of large audiences, hosted his own television and radio shows that have reached thousands! He has been to casting calls and has heard his fair share of "yes" and "no" and has bounced back brilliantly!

Cameron has created                                                         to intuitively analyze your inner celebrity vibration signature to reveal the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward or achieving you desired level of success. 90% of the information that comes through Cameron is received specifically for you! Your Inner Celebrity vibration is specifically and unique , so there are no cookie cutter answers! BUT there are solid strategies to help you break free your inner celebrity to an outer reality!

Cameron will help you:

  1. Understand your drive for celebrity
  2. Discover your unique style and nice
  3. Discover and clear your blocks in emanating your "Star Quality"
  4. Nurture your Inner Celebrity
  5. Believe in yourself after rejection
  6. Release fear of performance in front of an audience or camera.

Get out of your own way and go for your dream!

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Red Carpet Breakthrough
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