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Cameron Steele

Intuitive Breakthroughs... Creating the Life You Want

Breaking Through to the Other Side

Spiritual Midwifery for the Passing soul
The most challenging time in our life is when we have to say goodbye to someone we love. Cameron spiritually assists your loved one through their transition, working on behalf of their soul to move though the process to the other side. 

Blue Sky Breakthrough

Reveal Your blocks in creating
a successful business 

If you are an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Small Business Owner, Cameron will help you get to the core blocks of your business down to the true intentions of what you really want out of your business. 

Red Carpet Breakthrough

Reveal your inner celebrity

Whether you aspire to walk the red carpet or to speak in front of large audiences, Cameron will assist you in revealing your core drive, intention and blocks keeping you from stepping out into your spotlight! 

Relationship Breakthrough

discover and clear what's keeping you
from your perfect partner
‚ÄčPerpetually drawing the "wrong" partner to you and you've had enough? Whether in business or in love, Cameron will help you bring clarity to your partnerships and the blocks that sabotage you time and again.