Cameron provides those in the physical world

and their loved ones that have passed an opportunity for closure.

Losing a loved on is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences we have while we are here on this planet. As we move on in our life without them, we can't help but wonder, "Is there life after death?"

If there is:

  • How is my loved on doing?
  • What are they doing?
  • Do they know I love them?
  • Do they know what they meant to me?
  • Do they have a message for me?


When you work with Cameron in search of your loved ones, he offers compassionate support and really listens' supporting the mutual love and care you share with that person on the other side.


Breaking Through to The Other Side
Spiritual Midwifery for the Passing Soul

Cameron has been called to help families in a very unique way;

one that he never imagined.

One of the most significant times in the life of any human, is during its souls transition. Whether the soul is being born into this world or waiting to transition from this wold to the next; Cameron has been called to help families during these critical times.

The Beginning

When a life is coming to join us here on this earth plane, in many cases it's joyful; and in other cases, it's not. In either situation, Cameron has been called to help with communicating to the new soul and energetically assisting the mother and child in mutual communication and cooperation during the prenatal experience.

The interaction that Cameron facilitates has been described as a tremendous relief and intuitively affirming.

Pregnancy can be such a tumultuous time depending on circumstances.

Cameron assists with:

  • Assisting with spiritual and/or physical stresses the baby may be experiencing.
  • Assisting with spiritual and/or physical stresses the mother may be experiencing.
  • Facilitate energetic healing for both mother and baby.
  • Facilitation the communication between mother and baby.

Cameron has also shared situations of energetic blocks that have been confirmed by doctors and true emergencies for the mother and child.

"My doctor told me, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"

Elise S. - Bellevue, WA

(Regarding complications with pregnancy)

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Spiritual Midwifery

A New Beginning

When you're loved one is on the precipice of transitioning to the other side, many times, family is to close to the situation; working through their own grief and trauma due to the loss of that significant person.

In some cases those who have not passed yet, but are in a state of conscious impairment, hang on to their physical bodies and resist passing only to make sure that everything is going to be okay when they do transition.

Many times our attachments play a role in allowing the natural transition to take place. We want to keep them here when they are ready to move on. The intuitive guidance that Cameron provides brings peace to those who are ready to move on and peace to their loved ones that remain.

When Cameron is called to help, it is to act as an advocate for the individual who may be unable to speak for themselves. Cameron is that compassionate third party to psychically and energetically assist in sharing any unfinished business that the passing loved on was unable to communicate before their impairment with their family and friends.

Cameron facilitates communication of the individual passing whether it's a message of:

  • Love
  • Apology
  • Thanks
  • Fear
  • Something they need to hear
  • Something they need to share

Cameron's gentle, yet straight-forward communication has helped a number of families in time of need.

"I am very appreciative to Cameron, I don't know if I would have been able

to tell my dad it was ok to go, I knew he had to. I feel like I took charge of what was going on, everyone of my sisters and brothers along with my mother thanked me because somehow they knew he needed to hear that and they couldn't do it. His guidance made an unbearable situation controllable and somehow manageable. I thank him so much because I know it helped my dad and I am so happy I was able to tell him what he needed to hear to go ahead and pass peacefully. That is what you want. if you love someone, if they have to pass-over. to do it in peace. I will always be thankful to Cameron for those moment, his words, his wisdom, his love and care. It all happened the best way it could have thanks to him.

On another note... The brown envelope... Well I looked all over his room for it and I did tell my mother to look for it even though she thought I was nuts but she never came across anything and the she tells me his insurance papers were in a brown envelope so I guess, in the end he wanted to make sure my mom was taken care of because that is who he was and is."

Feliciti O. - Orlando, FL

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